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What facilities does a camper have? How much does it cost? How to rent?
Answers below!

When renting a Teardrop Freedom camper, you can be completely sure that you will spend your vacation unforgettably in complete comfort! There are two full beds in our camp. Roomy mezzanines inside. The kitchen uses gas - for cooking and heating water, which is much more profitable and more rational than electricity. Water is stored in containers where a pump is installed to supply it to the kitchen.

A special tank is installed to divert the used water. For furniture, the main attribute in its manufacture is compactness and practicality in order to optimize and save living space.

To ensure safety during movement, all moving and non-static elements are fixed. To provide electricity, a rechargeable battery is installed, an external 220 V network connector, which is used to connect at a campsite or near an outlet.

Advantages of traveling with a camper:

  1. 1. Using a camper, you do not pay for hotels, short-term rental housing, do not depend on a specific place, time and date, independently determine driving routes, places of stops, rest and visits to various places.
  2. 2. Independently make the choice of your desired luggage, companions, pets, any other type of transport, for example, a bicycle - all that fits.
  3. 3. There are models that allow you to move not only on paved roads, but also on rough terrain and off-road.

The main advantage is that you are your own boss, and it is the greatest degree of independence and freedom, comfort and living conditions create such an attractiveness .

The standard equipment of the camper includes:
Water tank, stove with gas cylinder, marquise, table and chairs.

How much does it cost to rent a camper?

40 Euro / day *
Weekends 50 Euro / day *
Rent up to 7 days 70 Euro / day

Average , the daily rental price is 40- 50 euros . For long rental periods there is a discount program. We can equip the camper according to your wishes even for very long trips at any time of the year. To find out detailed information about the cost of rent and additional equipment for travel, you can call us or leave a request on the website and we will contact you shortly.
* - the cost of rent per day is provided for rental conditions of 7 days. Rental price up to 7 days - 70 Euro / day.

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