Model Offroad

Model Offroad

All models can be towed by almost any car equipped with a towing device, it is enough to have the right category "B".

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Name Size
Standard Weight 450 kg
Max. towbar load 50 kg
Max. total weight 750 kg
Total Camper Height 1800mm
Total Width 1500mm
Long without drawbar 2500mm
Total Length 3500mm
Sleeper 1900 x 1400mm

IMG 3771 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3775 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3776 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3790 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3805 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3806 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3810 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3813 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3821 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3823 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3828 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3831 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3837 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3847 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3852 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3855 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3860 Scaled 1040x693
IMG 3861 Scaled 1040x693

Hunting and fishing always require serious preparation. And even more so, seriously need to prepare for multi-day outings.

We present you a new trailer model called Teardrop Off-road.

This model is made of 32mm thick sandwich panels. The outer and inner protective and decorative layer is made of plastic, the inner filling is extruded polystyrene foam, with amplifiers and technical channels mounted inside, duplicated, for rigidity with waterproof plywood. The cube stiffness element is achieved by a modern lock system (a unique development of our company). The trailer is surrounded by an aluminum corner around the perimeter.
The caravan is resistant to all external factors, namely: high and low temperatures, "salt", gasoline, acid, ultraviolet.
All materials used are not susceptible to decay.

The frame is made of Polish galvanized material, which has established itself as a high-quality alloy with durable cold galvanizing. It is practically not subject to corrosion. The rigidity of the frame is achieved thanks to the prefabricated element of the longitudinal and transverse channels assembled on a bolted connection.
This design is considered one of the most torsion resistant.
Frame dimensions: 2030x1470 mm

This camper is notable for its universal design, variation of configurations. High maneuverability, roominess, availability.

The camper can be equipped with any modules from the necessary ones: a refrigerator, sinks, stoves and ending with solar panels or any modules at the request of the client.

Camper is suitable for hunters, fishermen and just lovers of travel in your car.

This model is in stock. The trailer price for the photo is 3900 .
The price of the equipped (furniture, kitchen, water tanks, sockets, etc.) trailer is 5520 € .

Total : 0.00 €

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